In an online revision session last week on the history of Communism module, second year student Ursula Watkins let slip she had a killer recipe for Tiramisu. I persuaded her to write it up as a blog in our series on recipes to get though the Covid-19 crisis. So here it is.

Paul Jackson, Senior Lecturer in History




During these unprecedented times, we all need a little treat or pick me up so how about Tiramisu the ultimate Italian Pick Me up.


I was lucky enough to live and work in Northern Italy in the early 90s and picked up this quick easy and simple Tiramisu recipe most of which are not being stockpiled and some you will find lurking in the back of your parent’s alcohol cupboard.




175ml Strong Black Coffee (basically two or three teaspoons of any coffee granules mixed with hot water)

3 x 15ml of either Marsala Wine or sherry (think Christmas I am sure there is some sherry lurking in most cupboards at the back.)

3x15ml of Brandy again lurking in a cupboard

8x trifle sponges but if you cannot get those you can use a Madeira cake or plain sponge cut up.

250mg tub mascarpone (this is a soft cheese)

284ml carton double cream – lightly whipped

4 x 15ml level spoons of icing sugar – sifted  (again will be lurking in the cupboard)

25g cocoa powder to decorate but this is not essential you can use hot chocolate powder.





Mix together the coffee, marsala or sherry and brandy – it smells very strong.

Place 4 trifle sponges or alternative sponge into the bottom of your dish and pour over half the coffee mixture.

Mix together the mascarpone, cream and icing sugar together (make sure you lightly whip the cream first) and spoon half over the sponges.

Place remaining sponges on top and pour over remaining coffee mixture then top with the remaining mascarpone mixture and smooth the surface then dust with sieved cocoa powder or hot chocolate or even grate a chocolate bar over the top.

Chill for 2-3 hour before serving, in my opinion, this is best left for 24 hours as it tastes better the next day.

Then enjoy this little pick me up. Yes, it is very alcoholic but it tastes divine.

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