Prizewinning Recipe!


We’ve been posting lockdown recipes here on the blog over the past few weeks, because staying nourished during this stressful time is important. Plus cooking is fun and can be stress-relieving!

We’ve had some great recipes here already from students and staff, but today we have a special treat – a prizewinning recipe from our student Tom Walker!

The Fakeaway Challenge at the University of Northampton asked students to create their own versions of classic takeaway meals as a way of promoting budgeting through home cooking. As Victoria Bull from the Financial Guidance team points out, ““If somebody could go without one takeaway a week, they could be saving £20, or £700 over the academic year, which is 35 weeks.”

Tom came up with a delicious sweet and sour chicken dish, and bagged himself £100! You can watch his creation here.

Tom said: “I think if you’re cooking in order to eat healthier, then you’ll know exactly what’s going into your meals, which is really important if you’re trying to reach certain goals. Cooking can also be really enjoyable, especially if you’re doing it with someone else, it doesn’t always have to be a chore. It’s also quite satisfying to eat afterwards, knowing you put the effort in.”

I asked Tom what he likes best about studying History at UoN and he told me: “I’d say the best thing about studying history at uon is that in every session I’m always learning something new or I’ve at least been given a new way of looking at something, especially on topics that I thought I already knew.”

So there you have it. The University of Northampton: a great place to learn life skills and to study history!


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