Lockdown cooking: chocolate flapjacks

Our second year student Ursula Watkins returns with another great family-friendly recipe you can try!

It’s great to find recipes kids can try themselves! (Photo: American Heritage Chocolate, Unsplash)

Lockdown may be easing with some of us lucky enough to be able to send some of our children back to school. My eldest a year six went back on Tuesday and came home buzzing as he got to see his friends rather than have video or face time chate with them. However, this left me at home with my youngest who did not fancy school work as he has had enough of Mummy teaching him! so we settled on making something that he could do himself with supervision.

Flap Jacks

I mean who can resist the gooey loveliness that is a flapjack, probably one of the easiest tastiest things to make in lockdown. To add an extra twist we covered ours in chocolate.


250g of porridge oats

125g of butter

125g light brown sugar

2-3 tbsp of golden syrup (depends on how gooey you want it) we used 2.5 spoons for our batch

2 packets of Cadburys giant buttons (other chocolate buttons are available)



Heat oven to 200c/180c Fan/gas mark 6

Put 50g of porridge oats, 125g butter, 125g light brown sugar and the syrup into a bowl and using an electric mixer mix it all together to form a sticky consistency be careful not to over mix.

Lightly grease a 20cmx20cm baking tin with butter and spoon in the mixture. Press it down with the back of a spoon into the corners and make sure the mixture is flat and then score into 12 squares.

Bake for around 15 minutes or until golden brown.

Remove from oven and allow to cool, once cool removed from the baking tin.

Empty one and a half bags of the chocolate buttons into a large microwavable bowl (the spare buttons save for later for a sneaky treat) and microwave for one and a half to two minutes take out and stir and microwave for another minute until the mixture is all melted being careful not to over melt as you will start cooking the chocolate.

spoon chocolate on top of the flapjack squares and using the back of the spoon smooth the chocolate. leave to cool in the fridge so the chocolate hardens then eat.

Delicious! Photo author’s own

Enjoy with a cup of tea or your favourite beverage.

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