Ten Things I Learned About Being A Student

In the run up to the start of term, we have several student posts scheduled where current students look back on starting studying History at UoN. First up is Catriona Lougher.

As a mature student who had never been to Uni, when I started the course, I was apprehensive about how I’d find the course and studying again. But, I needn’t have worried, the transition to University was supported really well for all students. Here’s ten things I learned along the way:

1. I got fitter from all the walking and stairs – comfortable shoes and clothes a must!

Stairs by Ole Witt, Unsplash

2. Nelson is a great resource, you always have plenty of material to complete assignments – be prepared to carry heavy books home though!

3. You have to write differently to work for academic essays, more formally and this takes a bit of getting used to, but don’t worry, you’ll get there.

4. Think about how you’re going to organise your notes across different modules as you’ll need to refer back to them for essays and exams. 

5. Do take plenty of notes, you think you’ll remember, but you can’t rely on it!

Notes by David Travis, Unsplash

6. Make sure you leave time in your life for all the reading each module needs – you’ll have to have more time available than just attending class.

7. Don’t worry if you’re not 18, you’ll have to work in groups often, so you’ll get to know people and gravitate towards like minded souls, just like in every other aspect of life.

8. Buy books second hand to keep costs down – ebay and amazon are good resources. Write notes in the books as this helps when you’re doing revision.

9. Reading plenty of different historians on a module is really key, and making notes on their views, so try to fit in some of this.

10. Don’t worry if you don’t feel as though you are ‘getting’ a module, especially before Christmas- it will all come together at some point!

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

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