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We are delighted to share the news that the Northampton Branch of the Historical Association has relaunched, with support from History at the University of Northampton.

Its programme of events is now on the HA website. We are starting with two online lectures this summer:

9 June at 7pm: Dr Daniel Jones (UON), ‘The real Ridley Road’

The recent BBC series Ridley Road told a fictionalised story of 62 Group, Jewish antifascists who fought against the renewed fascist threat in Britain in the early 1960s through infiltration and street battles, but what is the real story behind this group? This talk will reveal the background of 62 Group, explore some of the key figures and examine the legacies that these Jewish defence organisations left behind. 

14 July at 7pm: Dr Rachel Moss (UON), ‘Warwick the Kingmaker: primary sources for the Wars of the Roses’

Kingmaker or king breaker? The Earl of Warwick is one of the most notorious characters of the Wars of the Roses period, credited with bringing Edward IV to the throne. In this short talk, Dr Rachel Moss will discuss a range of primary sources that give us insight into the actions of Warwick and whether he was really the power behind the throne. This talk will be very useful to students studying the A Level Wars of the Roses paper, but also of interest to the wider public who would like to delve more deeply into medieval history. 

Both events are free to attend: please book online via the HA website to receive a weblink.

Northampton Guildhall: Wikimedia Commons

From September 2022, we will have a full programme of events, showcasing historians at the University of Northampton and beyond. These will include events at local schools, so if you would like us to address a particular curriculum area or come to your school, please get in touch:

Dr David Waller, Branch Chair,

Prof Matthew McCormack, UON History contact,

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