Beyond Histories Podcast

In the lockdown summer of 2020, Mark Rothery and Paul Jackson started a podcast series called Beyond Histories.

They interviewed a range of guests, including but not limited to historians, about the past and how it helps us understand current affairs. The point of the podcasts was to reflect on how the past can help us understand the world we live in today, and where it might be going.

Topics included:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • Fascism as a Political Movement
  • The History of Emotions
  • Historical experiences of fatherhood

If you want to listen to the podcast, click here, and post the link into your preferred podcast hosting platform.

If you have a smart speaker you should be able to ask it to ‘play Beyond Histories podcast’.

If you enjoy the podcasts and History, please do listen to our brand-new radio show “Oh the Humanities” which started in March 2022. Search for ‘Oh the Humanities’ to find us.


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