Lessons from Lockdown

England is about to enter Lockdown Take 2, and we know that particularly for our students who are living away from home for the first time that this probably feels very daunting. Here are some tips.

Remembering All Those We Have Lost

Today is All Souls Day, also known in Latin America as El Dia de los Muertosor the Day of the Dead. It is the final day of a series of celebrations, starting with Halloween (All Hallows Evening, 31st October) and All Hallows (or All Saints) Day (1st November). Each date has a complex history of... Continue Reading →

Murder Maps: A New Book

Murder Maps, a "cartographic exposition of the 19th century's most dramatic and intriguing murders from the world's most crime-ridden cities and regions", has just been published by Thames & Hudson.

Advice on Starting University

The latest instalment of our student advice comes from Charlotte Tyrrell, who is about to start her third year. Try not to stress out As a mature student I didn’t have the nerves of waiting for A level results to see if I had got into the university of my choice. I knew months before... Continue Reading →

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