Centre for the Advancement of Racial Equality (CARE)

The History department are part of UON CARE!

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What is CARE?

The Centre for the Advancement of Race Equality (CARE) promotes research, learning and teaching, and knowledge exchange on issues of race, ethnicity, racial inequality, and positive change.  

The vision for CARE is twofold.  

Firstly, CARE is an important centre for developing and extending critically aware cultures throughout the University of Northampton, bringing together many areas of research and teaching excellence related to issues of racial equality. 

Secondly, CARE is outward facing and is a focal point for partnerships with local, regional and national organisations engaged with the promotion of racial equality within society.  

Goals of CARE: 

  • Foster a supportive and creative environment for research into issues of race, understanding racial disparities, and modes of positive change. 
  • Engage with debates on issues such as decolonising the curriculum.  
  • Develop the University of Northampton’s archival holdings of materials related to the study of race and racism as well as the histories of global ethic majority communities. 
  • Build relationships with external organisations, including activist networks, whose work engages with the goals of the centre.

Please visit the Centre’s research page for more information: https://pure.northampton.ac.uk/en/organisations/centre-for-the-advancement-of-racial-equality

Northampton Centre for Racial Equality (CARE) Annual Conference, 5-6th July 2023

The CARE annual conference will be held on 5-6th July 2023.

For more information and to register, visit our Twitter page.

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