Lockdown cooking: chocolate flapjacks

Our second year student Ursula Watkins returns with another great family-friendly recipe you can try! Lockdown may be easing with some of us lucky enough to be able to send some of our children back to school. My eldest a year six went back on Tuesday and came home buzzing as he got to see his... Continue Reading →

Prizewinning Recipe!

We've been posting lockdown recipes here on the blog over the past few weeks, because staying nourished during this stressful time is important. Plus cooking is fun and can be stress-relieving! We've had some great recipes here already from students and staff, but today we have a special treat - a prizewinning recipe from our... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Recipes: Stir Fry Saviour

This is the latest in our series of stress-busting, low cost recipes - perfect for the lockdown, but hopefully also for students on a budget in halls when normal life eventually resumes... Today we have one of our own students contributing. Hi I'm Emma. I'm a third year history student at the University of Northampton,... Continue Reading →

Lockdown Recipes: Cornbread

I have noticed that during lockdown here in the UK, a lot of people finding it difficult to get hold of bread, or even the ingredients for making bread - yeast seems to be in particularly short supply. There are some wonderful ways of harvesting wild yeast, but if you aren't confident enough to try... Continue Reading →

Recipes: Spicy Chickpeas

This one is adapted from a BBC Good Food recipe. In general it has hot chilli notes to it but for families with young children you can tone down the levels of fire as I have done here. It works really well as a hearty vegetarian dish because the chickpeas and cauliflower give it a... Continue Reading →

Recipes: Tuna Pasta

Following on from Drew's soup here are a few of my store-cupboard favourites, beginning with Tuna Pasta. No pictures because I'm not cooking this tonight (actually I'm writing this while cooking something else). I was given this recipe by a mate of mine from southern Italy in halls at university as an undergraduate. I was... Continue Reading →

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