An Intelligence PhD as a Retirement Project!

Our recently graduated (July 2019) PhD student, the newly-minted Dr Paul Stewart, writes about his project, 'Medmenham: Anglo-American Photographic Intelligence in the Second World War'.   During a thirty six year career as an RAF intelligence officer, specialising in imagery intelligence, I had the honour to meet many of the photographic intelligence unsung heroes from... Continue Reading →

Comfort and Coronavirus

The internet has been filled with blog posts reminding us of the importance of self-care during the Covid-19 crisis. But what does comfort actually mean, both historically and today? Ruth Barton, one of our PhD students, explores. At the time of writing, it has been just over eleven weeks since I began my PhD at... Continue Reading →

Employability Series: Try Going to a (Virtual) History Seminar or Conference

Senior lecturer Caroline Nielsen continues her Employability blog series, helping you develop your skills.  Missing our department’s monthly research seminar series? Thinking about postgraduate studies in History, Heritage or archives, or in Teaching? Want to reach out to other academics and students and build your network? What to learn about completely new subjects or the... Continue Reading →

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