The BA (Hons) History Programme

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We are proud to offer an exciting broad undergraduate BA programme in History at the University of Northampton.

From medieval knights and early modern servants, to country houses, hospitals and asylums, through to the trenches of the First World War and beyond, you can explore a thousand years of history from across the globe.

Studying History at UON will allow you to gain an excellent understanding of how historical events and attitudes have shaped the contemporary world, as well as to develop key skills which are valued by a  diverse range of employers and economic sectors.

History BA (Hons) is delivered by a friendly group of deeply knowledgeable staff whose expertise encompasses the history of politics, warfare, society, culture, economics, religion, class, age, race, medicine and health, crime, gender, emotions and sexualities.

You can study both the distant and recent past, local communities and global networks, learning how to compare diverse societies across time and space whilst learning to engage critically with different forms of evidence.

UoN History graduates emerge from their studies as intellectually enriched individuals who pursue interesting and rewarding careers.

Both full-time and part-time study options are available.

An Integrated Foundation Year (IFY) programme is also available.

What Our Alumni Say:

“If you are like me you may have many worries about being a mature student, especially on a more academic course like history. … But what I found amazing was how supportive the staff and students were. As a year group we have been really close. … I have found everyone within the history department extremely supportive, understanding and approachable.”

Charlotte, History graduate

“The best thing about studying History at UoN is that in every session I’m always learning something new or I’ve at least been given a new way of looking at something, especially on topics that I thought I already knew.”

Tom, History graduate

Information on our course, modules and on how you will be learn and study at Northampton is available here.

We look forward to meeting you!

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