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Upcoming Events – March – August 2023

Please check this page, and our social media feeds, regularly for updates on future events, and to register to attend!

East Midlands Centre for History Teaching and Learning Annual Undergraduate Historical Research Showcase 2023!

Online event: Friday 9th June 10am-3pm

To join the event, please email caroline.nielsen@northampton.ac.uk

Timings (approx)Programme
10amWelcome to the Event
Panel 1: Self and Identity
10:05- 11:30amFrancesca Benson (University of Derby) The Sacred and the Profane: Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Gravestones in Clifton Campville, Staffordshire

Lizzy Reynolds (University of Lincoln) The power of Understanding Why: Exploring the Importance of Contextualizing Feminist History.

Jakub Milcarz (DeMontford University) Polish refugee camps in post war Britain

Olivia Hennessy (University of Lincoln) The Representation of Queer Identities in Queer Britain as a Twenty-First Century Museum Space
11:45Panel 2: Conflict and Politics
11.45 – 1pmMaahirah Sadiq (University of Leicester) Wittek’s Thesis and the memory of the Early Ottomans in Oxford, Bodleian, MS Marsh 313

Joseph Clark (University of Leicester) William of Rubruck’s Ethnographic Observations of the Mongols

Galin Nenov (University of Derby) Mud and Malaria: Medical Regulations, Sanitation, and Anti-malaria Work among British Troops in Salonica Campaign 1915-1918.

Alexandra Lawrence (University of Nottingham) ‘This is what a feminist looks like’: an analysis of the relationship between conservatism and feminism in modern British politics
1:45Panel 3: Body Politic
1.45Kirsty McNaughty (University of Lincoln) To Clothe the Body: A Critical Assessment of Image and Identity in Aristocratic Women’s Attire in Fourteenth Century England

Alex Heatley (University of Lincoln) Masculine Ideology in Fashion: Acceptability, Aestheticism, and the Fashionable Response

Millicent Shepherd (University of Leicester) Women and infanticide in Britain, 1730-1850

Molly Wilson (University of Leicester) Nazism, Eugenics and Psychiatry
3pmConcluding words from the EMC

Northamptonshire Historical Association, 15 June, 7pm online

Kathrina Perry (UON), ‘Women, Religious Philanthropy and the Northampton Boot and Shoe Industry’

Religious observance offered a broad variety of opportunities for women to participate in philanthropic activity. This talk will consider the links between the non-conformism of Northampton’s religious beliefs and the boot and shoe industry. It will explore the involvement of the wives and daughters of the boot and shoe manufacturers, and will question the motivations behind the many donations to religious organisations within the town that are still visible today.  

For further information, please contact the Branch Chair Dr David Waller on david.waller@northampton.ac.uk or the Acting Secretary Prof Matthew McCormack on matthew.mccormack@northampton.ac.uk.

In particular, if you teach at a local school and would like to arrange a session tailored to your History curriculum, please get in touch.

For further information, please contact the Branch Chair Dr David Waller on david.waller@northampton.ac.uk or the Acting Secretary Prof Matthew McCormack on matthew.mccormack@northampton.ac.uk.

In particular, if you teach at a local school and would like to arrange a session tailored to your History curriculum, please get in touch.

EMC Annual CPD Event: Managing Students in Distress

Special Event in Partnership with UK Advising and Tutoring (UKAT)

University of Northampton 28th June 2023

Event Registration Deadline: 12th June.

On welcoming your student into the room, you can immediately tell from their body language that something is wrong…they appear distracted, arms tightly closed with their eyes fixed on the carpet. The student looks up at you and shares what is distressing them with you.

You are the first person they have told…what are you going to do next?

Situations like this can be difficult for personal tutors and managing students in distress is something that personal tutors can often find daunting. If you sometimes feel apprehensive about supporting distressed students, you are not alone.

This workshop provides a safe space to explore these challenges using interactive theatre and will equip you with management strategies to deal with such situations. The strategies have been devised to specifically build tutor confidence in working with students who present with distress at differing levels of severity.

Register here: https://www.ukat.ac.uk/curriculum/register?id=32

Please note: Booking is essential and early booking and registration is strongly advised. Places on this CPD training course are limited.

For more information, please contact caroline.nielsen@northampton.ac.uk  

Northampton Centre for Racial Equality (CARE) Annual Conference, 5-6th July 2023

For more information and to register, visit our Twitter page.

Conference: Wellbeing: Past and Present

University of Northampton, 12-13th July 2023

The University of Northampton’s Centre for Historical Studies, in partnership with English Heritage, is hosting a two-day conference on 12 – 13 July 2023. The conference committee are calling for historians and professionals working in the field of wellbeing to present a papers of c.20 minutes in length, speaking on any part of the topic of wellbeing.

Papers could be from the perspective the history of wellbeing, or present viewpoints from contemporary organisations, such as perspectives from the heritage sector or community groups. As well as more traditional papers, we are also interested in suggestions for other forms of activity within a 20-minute timeframe.

In particular, we are looking for researchers and practitioners who can address topics including:

  • Wellbeing shaped by social, economic and / or political forces
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Race and wellbeing
  • Gender and wellbeing
  • Heritage perspectives on wellbeing
  • Medical perspectives on wellbeing
  • Wellbeing and the history of emotions
  • Voices from diverse community groups on wellbeing
  • Approaches to the wellbeing of researchers who study history

If you would like to contribute to the conference, please submit a short extract (300 words max) detailing your paper or presentation idea, and its working title. Send this to the organising committee via Siobhan Hyland at: Siobhan.hyland@northampton.ac.uk. Please also include a link to a professional profile or a short CV. If you have any other questions, please use this email address.

Deadline for abstract submission: 14 April 2023

This two-day conference will be free for those attending. It will be an in-person conference. We have a small budget to support engagement from postgraduate researchers. If you would like to request support to attend this event, please let us know when you submit your abstract and provide an approximate cost.

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