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Welcome to the East Midlands Centre for History Teaching and Learning @Northampton!

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The EMC is a regional collaborative organisation, focused on sharing ideas and best practice in History teaching in universities.

It acts as a hub for university historians, heritage teaching and HE education professionals seeking to improve their practice and learn new skills.

Events, training and a postgraduate and early career researcher mentoring scheme are available along with a small seed-corn funding research programme.

Northampton’s Centre for Historical Studies will host the EMC from August 2022 until September 2024.

The initial Centre Convenor at Northampton is Humanities’ Dr Caroline Nielsen. Please visit the EMC’s main website for further information, or contact Dr Nielsen.

EMC Annual CPD Event: Managing Students in Distress

Special Event in Partnership with UK Advising and Tutoring (UKAT)

University of Northampton 28th June 2023

Event Registration Deadline: 31st May 2023.

On welcoming your student into the room, you can immediately tell from their body language that something is wrong…they appear distracted, arms tightly closed with their eyes fixed on the carpet. The student looks up at you and shares what is distressing them with you.

You are the first person they have told…what are you going to do next?

Situations like this can be difficult for personal tutors and managing students in distress is something that personal tutors can often find daunting. If you sometimes feel apprehensive about supporting distressed students, you are not alone.

This workshop provides a safe space to explore these challenges using interactive theatre and will equip you with management strategies to deal with such situations. The strategies have been devised to specifically build tutor confidence in working with students who present with distress at differing levels of severity.

Register now to join us for this stimulating one-day, in-person workshop.

Please note: Booking is essential and early booking and registration is strongly advised. Places on this CPD training course are limited and the course may become fully booked in advance of the May deadline. It may be necessary to create a waiting list and close registration before the May deadline.

For more information, please contact  

Announcements about other future events @Northampton will be published here, on our social media and on the EMC main website.

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