The East Midlands Centre for History Teaching and Learning in HE @Northampton

Welcome to the East Midlands Centre for History Teaching and Learning @Northampton!

The EMC is a regional collaborative organisation, focused on sharing ideas and best practice in History teaching in universities. It acts as a hub for university historians, heritage teaching and HE education professionals seeking to improve their practice and learn new skills.

Events, training and a postgraduate and early career researcher mentoring scheme are available along with a small seed-corn funding research programme.

Northampton’s Centre for Historical Studies will host the EMC from August 2022 until September 2024.

The initial Centre Convenor at Northampton is Humanities’ Dr Caroline Nielsen. Please visit the EMC’s main website for further information, or contact Dr Nielsen.

Our 2022 EMC Virtual AGM- Future Directions in History Degrees and the Role of the EMC – 14th September 2022

The Northampton inaugural EMC AGM workshop and conference will take place online on Wednesday 14th September 2022.

The AGM conference will run as a workshop, based around interactive sessions, discussion groups and panels.

The aim of the event is to explore how the the EMC can best respond to the needs of its members in the face of the most pressing of contemporary issues of sustainability, inclusion and equality in History teaching.

We will be exploring the responses of the History professional community to the recent 2022 QAA History Subject Benchmark, and consider how the EMC can develop to help answer its members’ interests in these areas.

We are especially interested in working with the EMC’s postgraduate community, to help explore your needs and areas of interest.

How can we address this as historians through our teaching and engagement with our wider communities?

This conference aims to offer a space to discuss what the shift towards these new measures and strategies means for the History profession and for History degrees.

The EMC would like to invite short suggestions for roundtable topics, workshop themes and panel discussions for inclusion at the conference and AGM.

Potential themes could include:

  • Challenges of PGR work
  • Decolonization of curricula in History
  • Inclusive teaching practices
  • Employability and career readiness learning
  • Class in the History classroom
  • Supporting, or working with, graduate alumni and employers
  • PGR mentoring
  • Experiences of gender identities in teaching and learning
  • Future directions of the EMC
  • Working with schools and FE

This list is indicative. We welcome enquires from across the EMC institutions about potential panels or subjects. The conference and the AGM workshops will also mark the inauguration of the Centre for Historical Studies at University of Northampton as the new EMC host, 2022-24.

To submit a proposal, please email  

Deadline for Suggestions: 1st September 2022

Announcements about other future events @Northampton will be published here, on our social media and on the EMC main website.

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