Northampton Historical Association programme 2022-23

Earlier this year, the Northampton Branch of the Historical Association relaunched with support from the University of Northampton. This academic year we are offering a programme of talks, which will take place online, on campus or in local schools. 20 October, 7pm online: Prof Matthew McCormack (UON) ‘Black histories of the American Revolution’ This talk... Continue Reading →

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Becoming a woman in the Middle Ages

The very best woman (who is rarer than the phoenix) cannot be loved without the bitterness of fear, anxiety, and frequent misfortune. Wicked women, however – who swarm so abundantly that no place is free from their wickedness – sting sharply when they are loved; they give their time to tormenting a man until his... Continue Reading →

Stuck on Your History Dissertation? Help is at Hand!

Don't know where to start with your undergraduate History dissertation? This blog post series by Dr Caroline Nielsen will go through commonly asked questions and recurring issues faced by students researching and writing their final year History dissertation. Help! “Help, I don’t know what to do for my dissertation. I’m interested in loads of areas... Continue Reading →

Re-enactment in the classroom

Here at the University of Northampton our first years have the option to take HIS1028 'United States: War and Society, 1610-2020'. I am a specialist on the eighteenth century, so I teach the segment that covers the Seven Years' War and the War of American Independence. I always start with a class on how to... Continue Reading →

I am sick of love: A medieval Valentine

A shorter version of this blog post originally appeared on the University of Northampton news page for Valentine's Day. Fountain pen writing the word "Love" on paper. Photo by John Jennings on Unsplash Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that’s hard to escape. But you might be surprised to learn it... Continue Reading →

Glimpses into Others’ Lives at the British Museum

History is all about stories. The stories we tell ourselves about the past. The stories we tell ourselves about the past, about our communities, about ourselves. The British Museum’s vast and world-famous collections hold multiple examples of stories around the globe. Some of these stories are easily accessible to us via the objects. Others are... Continue Reading →

Holocaust Memorial Day and Ordinary People

Remembering the Holocaust is something I have been involved with at my university since I started working here over ten years ago. As a researcher who focuses on more recent forms of fascist and far right politics, recalling the horrors of fascist violence has in many ways never seemed more important.  In recent years, antisemitism... Continue Reading →

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