See us at Delapre Abbey on 12 September

Heritage Open Days are happening across the UK from 10 to 19 September 2021, which are a great opportunity to explore historic locations. There are lots of events happening locally, including at Delapre Abbey this weekend. Do come along to this free history festival to explore this beautiful historic building and park, see a display... Continue Reading →

Fifty five years of hurt

The first time I heard 'Three Lions' was at Wembley. It was a warm-up game for Euro 96 and my university's football society ran a minibus from Yorkshire down to London so we could go to the game. At half time England were winning comfortably and the tannoy played Baddiel and Skinner's new song. It... Continue Reading →

@HistoriansUON Euros sweepstake

It's Euro 2021 so we are organising a sweepstake on our twitter account, @HistoriansUON. It's just for fun. Free to enter and no prizes, except glory among the historical community! We might even do some football blogs and historically themed facts along the way. To enter, just follow us on twitter and reply to our... Continue Reading →

Hobbits and histories

Jim Beach reviews a new history of Britain in the early years of the Second World War. Occasionally a history book comes along and you’re obliged to point and shout “wow!” Alan Allport’s Britain at Bay is one of those books. It is also very timely. At a moment when our government is wrapping itself... Continue Reading →

Line of Duty, politics and corruption

THIS BLOG CONTAINS SPOILERS The sixth and final series of police corruption drama Line of Duty concluded on Sunday night. I say 'concluded', but the ending was rather inconclusive, to the extent that it may have left the door open to continue the story. The revelation of the identity of 'H' proved to be a... Continue Reading →

BSECS Vice President

Prof Matthew McCormack from History at the University of Northampton has been elected Vice President of the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

Watching Battlestar Galactica in a pandemic

[This blog does not contain plot spoilers, but does mention themes and incidents in the story.] During lockdown, many of us are watching more TV, and the BBC are doing a great public service by putting lots of boxsets on iPlayer. Unexpectedly, they acquired the classic American science fiction blockbuster Battlestar Galactica, broadcasting the first... Continue Reading →

In praise of Bargain Hunt

Like many people, I am working from home at the moment. In normal circumstances, I work at home a day or two a week, and I have a routine. Everything stops at 12:15 for lunch and Bargain Hunt. Bargain Hunt is, in my view, a perfect TV show. It is difficult to classify. It is... Continue Reading →

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